‘This is not like any other company’ 

Sherri Fening has always been the type to jump right in.

After high school, she went straight to work for Fifth Third Bank, working full time while also earning her business degree from Northern Kentucky University.

After seven years with Fifth Third, Fening launched her own e-commerce company. She sold that company and started consulting for other small businesses. Then, she went on to become a program manager and director for Access Corporation before joining Divisions Maintenance Group in June of 2021.

Fening wasn’t looking to change jobs when she came to DMG. In fact, she was incredibly happy where she was. But once she learned about DMG, she couldn’t say no.

She loves DMG’s startup mentality – even though the company has been around for more than 20 years. She loves how committed DMG is to new technology. And she loves how she was able to jump right in and start making a difference on Day 1. She was nervous at first to leave her former employer, but she quickly felt right at home with DMG.

“When I got to DMG, it felt like I walked into a brand-new family right away,” she said. “The culture here is insanely cool, and the ability to make an impact is wide open.”

Fening was initially hired as DMG’s Senior Director of Project Management, leading the company’s RFP team. This April, she was promoted to Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness, overseeing DMG’s Salesforce, sales effectiveness, RFP/pricing and project management teams. The goal is to take the success she already brought to the RFP team and replicate it across the organization.

“I’m so thankful to be working with such a strong group of dedicated employees, and I can’t wait to see what this team can accomplish,” she said. “This is not like any other company I see out there. The growth is going to be tremendous.”