Why I chose DMG to build my sales career

Amber Gray, DMG Account Executive career spotlight

By Amber Gray, Account Executive

In the fall of 2023, I had a decision to make. I was looking for the next step in my career and had several offers on the table: different companies, different locations, different titles and completely different sectors. 

But something about Divisions Maintenance Group stood out. 

I loved the location — an easy commute and in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. 

I loved the growth — DMG was adding jobs, adding new types of customers and had just moved into a brand-new headquarters. 

And I loved the interview process, from start to offer. 

The choice was easy, and I started this past November as a DMG Account Executive. 

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My job encompasses every part of the sales journey — from the beginning step of prospecting new clients to running operations on their accounts. This hands-on approach allows me to find the best solutions for my clients and make sure every step of their account is taken care of. In my experience, more people involved in the process can sometimes lead to strained relationships. By holding myself accountable for every step, I can grow the trust my clients have with me. 

I was one of the first Account Executives at DMG, which has given me a lot of autonomy to fit the role to my selling style and personal interests. One of my first closed customers was a locally based treatment center, where I was able to build a meaningful client relationship because of my experience volunteering in that space. Having the ability to tie some of my passions to my role here at DMG gives every call I make more purpose and meaning. 

I double majored in sports management and communications at Miami University and never anticipated that would lead me to sales. After college, I moved back home to Cincinnati, where I started work with an athletic organization in the city that had me focus on memberships and sales. Before I knew it, I was hooked on creating new relationships and learning as much as I could about the businesses I was selling. 

I’ve had the pleasure of gaining sales experience in sports, media and marketing, and telecommunications. Each of those experiences helped me adapt to different industries, and while transitioning to facility maintenance was not on the vision board, it has been a great addition. All of my past experiences have helped me at DMG, and every day I continue to learn more about our industry. 

Looking back, I considered a lot of factors when it came to deciding which position to take. But one of the biggest reasons I ended up choosing DMG is I could see the growth potential. I see it in my current role as we continue to add new positions and grow the Account Executive team. And I see it companywide as DMG is consistently promoting people into positions that best suit the individual. I love to see that.  

Looking ahead, I have plans to grow my career in sales, build my relationships and knowledge and move back into a managerial position. At DMG, I know my experience and hard work will pay off. 

About Amber

Amber Gray, DMG Account Executive career spotlight

Title: Account Executive 

The best part of my job: The people I’ve met. Also, you can make the role whatever you want it to be, sell to whatever type of customer you want, and take that freedom to make your position your own. You own every piece of the journey. 

Why DMG? I made it a mission when I was job hunting to find a company with a solid culture and capability to grow its employees from within. I had heard about DMG for years and was excited to see the obvious growth of the company. In my nearly 10 years in sales, it is hard to find an organization that has created a team environment like DMG has. 

Fun fact: In my spare time I love to clean shoes or play tennis. Hit me up if your kicks could use a little love!