DMG on a hiring spree after record profits


Coming off a year of massive growth, a Cincinnati technology company is poised to hire as many as 150 new employees in the coming year.  

Divisions Maintenance Group surpassed $433 million in revenue this past year, a 39% jump from the previous year.  

Much of the growth is on the tech side, where DMG anticipates hiring as many as 100 new engineers and IT specialists as well as a dozen or so data analysts. Then, the company plans to bring on another 40 or 50 employees for the sales team.  

The new jobs will range from entry level to seasoned professionals, with salaries starting around $40,000 a year and going all the way to $150,000-plus, including bonuses and world-class benefits.  

“It’s a great place to work for people that are hungry, want to learn, grow, and have a can-do attitude,” said Chief Commercial Officer Dick Surdykowski Jr, who himself joined the DMG team in January.

DMG provides facility maintenance to tens of thousands of retail chains, medical facilities and distribution and fulfillment centers across the country. But it’s really the company’s innovative technology platforms that are driving the growth and helping DMG transform the facility maintenance industry in ways not even imagined just a few years ago.  

That’s what attracted Chief Product Officer Kumar Srinivasan to the company this past year. Srinivasan has successfully launched, managed and sold his own companies in the past. He is also a former chief technology officer for Nordstrom. 

“It’s always exciting to build products for an industry that wasn’t that tech-driven in the past,” he said. “You’ve seen what Amazon has done. You’ve seen what Uber did. And I think we have the opportunity to be that type of innovator in this industry.”  

DMG’s revenue was $262.3 million in fiscal year 2018. The following year it was $312.7 million. In fiscal year 2020, which just ended in March, DMG’s revenue was $433.2 million.

The goal is to be a billion-dollar company in the next three years.  

“The core DNA of the company is entrepreneurial. I think that gives an edge to DMG,” Srinivasan said. “We have an opportunity to build technology for an industry that hasn’t seen much innovation in that area. This is a business that is continuing to grow, and that is not going anywhere.”

DMG was founded in 1999 by President and CEO Gary Mitchell and has morphed into one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the Cincinnati region. In 2020, Roark Capital, an Atlanta-based private equity firm, announced it was investing in DMG. That same year, DMG was named a tech company of the year by the Cincinnati Business Courier.  

“We have made it this far by thinking differently than our competitors and creating a model focused on quality, cost and speed for our stakeholders,” Mitchell said. “This significant investment in our technology will create value for our customers and our DMG Technician Network, transforming our industry.”

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