Watch: See how DMG providers tackle snow removal

Watch- See how DMG providers tackle snow removal

If there was any doubt snow season is upon us, that was removed this past weekend when massive winter storms dumped inches – and in some cases, feet – on cities across the nation. 

Snow is serious business here at Divisions Maintenance Group. So serious, in fact, that we spend all year getting ready.

And we are proud to work with thousands of vetted providers nationwide, like Snider Construction, a snow removal partner who mobilized with urgency to keep our customer properties clear after a recent storm.



DMG’s snow attack plan comes in three phases: preseason, snow season and post season.  

Our preseason work includes mandatory training in snow markets, property reviews and equipment purchase and allocation.  

Once snow season hits, we create a specific plan for each storm based on the forecast, traffic and time of day. We offer around-the-clock communication and support, and we keep lots clear for up to 24 hours after the event.  

Post-season, we spend time repairing any damage caused by the snow and doing property reviews to make adjustments and improvements for next year.  

For more information on DMG and snow, you can visit our website.