‘I feel so lucky to be here’: Mount St. Joseph grad thriving at DMG

“I came across your profile and thought I would reach out.” 

It was a simple enough message from a DMG recruiter, but for 24-year-old Kyle Weisker, it changed the course of his career. 

It was May 2022, and Weisker had just graduated from college with a degree in marketing. He was eager to find a job and get work experience, but he was equally anxious about finding a company that didn’t consider his blindness a limitation. 

Weisker did an initial phone screening with Luke Moeves, the DMG recruiter, then he moved on to an interview with the Team Lead. A few days later, he got the job offer.  

“It’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been in my life, to be honest with you,” Weisker said. “I was just so excited to have the opportunity.” 

Pushing for success

Weisker was born with a rare eye condition called Peters anomaly, leaving him 100% blind. His parents never let him use blindness as a crutch or an excuse, though, and he quickly picked up that attitude as well. 

“Just because I can’t see, there’s no reason I can’t accomplish whatever I want to accomplish,” he said.

In high school, when he couldn’t play basketball, he joined the team as a manager instead. And he started doing PA announcements with his dad for basketball and baseball games.  

In college at Mount St. Joseph University, he graduated magna cum laude, was named Outstanding Marketing Student of the Year and earned the Jane Cuni Armstrong award for exemplifying the mission of the school while overcoming life challenges. 

At DMG, Weisker is thriving. His Team Lead, Tim Driscoll, said Weisker is quickly picking up the ins and outs of the job. He’s hard-working and productive, and he’s meshing incredibly well with the rest of the team.  

“I tell you, the minute I interviewed him, I knew immediately,” Driscoll said. “This was a talented kid that we wanted to have come to work for us. There was just such a sense that, whatever he was asked to do, not only would he be able to do it, but he’d do it well. And that’s the kind of person we want working for this company.” 

'I couldn't have imagined a better place'

At work, Weisker uses a braille display, and his computer has screen-reading technology called JAWS, Job Access With Speech. 

He uses two pairs of Bluetooth headphones – one connected to his computer and the other connected to his phone – so he can use screen-reading technology with both at the same time. 

“Our IT department has really been incredible,” Weisker said. “I feel so lucky to be here, to be part of a company that is this supportive.” 

Weisker also relies a lot on his DMG mentor, Ethan Zoldy, who guides him through not only the particulars of the job but the physical layout of the office as well. 

“I can’t even describe how great he’s been,” Weisker said. “Ethan has gone above and beyond and has been the perfect mentor. He’s made me feel so welcome, and getting to work with him has been probably one of the biggest highlights of my time here.” 

The job is not without its challenges – it’s fast-paced, and the hours can sometimes be long – but so far, it’s living up to Weisker’s expectations in every way.  

“I couldn’t have imagined a better place to start my career, and that’s really because of the people,” he said. “That’s the best part of working here – our culture. The people here make it a joy to come to work every day.” 

Looking to the future

On any given day, Weisker finds himself making phone calls to facility maintenance providers trying to get job coverage, vetting new providers who are joining DMG’s network and following up on proposals, quotes and invoices. He is just starting out in his career, but he already envisions a long future for himself at DMG. He likes his work, he loves his teammates, and he can’t imagine another company being so supportive and accommodating.  

He might eventually like to try out different departments at DMG, too. Maybe marketing, since that’s what he studied in college. Or maybe recruiting. He’d love to share his story with potential new hires and tell them, “This is a company where you’ll be supported. This is a company where you’ll be respected.”  

After all, it was a simple message from a DMG recruiter that launched Weisker’s own career. Maybe he could send a similar life-changing message to someone else. 

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