Case study: How DMG tackles multi-site projects with ease

Baker tables distribution centers

A multi-site coordinated project involves doing the same work simultaneously at multiple sites. Sometimes the work itself is fairly simple – adjusting shelves, for example  but that in no way means these projects are easy. Multi-site projects require intense planning, coordination and communication, and the timeline is often tight, leaving little room for error. Luckily for our customers, such high-stakes, high-pressure situations are where DMG thrives. 

The problem: shelf adjustment for baker racks

It might at first seem like a tiny problem. The shelves on your baker rack aren’t quite the right height. Annoying, perhaps, but no big deal. 

But what if you have baker racks at more than 100 distribution centers across the country? What if each site has anywhere from 50 to 200 racks? And what if the shelves are wrong on every single one?

The DMG solution

Baker racks come standard with four shelves each and wheels on the bottom. The top and bottom shelves are set, but the middle two are adjustable. A DMG customer needed the middle shelves adjusted baker racks at distribution sites around the country.  

The customer had a deadline of three weeks and very specific requirements for any providers doing the work. It was a tall order to turn around that quickly, but DMG leveraged its nationwide provider network to get the job done.

Customer result

For the customer to handle the project on a site-by-site basis would have been overwhelming. But with DMG, it was one call for the customer, and we handled the rest.

DMG is a pro at coordinating multi-site projects.

The problem: packages piling up inefficiently

Picture a warehouse. Packages roll down the assembly line and drop into a waiting cart. Except, as more and more packages drop, they pile up on top of each other, leaving empty pockets of unusable space. It’s inefficient.

The DMG solution

DMG built and installed nearly 9 million shaker tables at different sites for this customer. The tables do exactly as the name suggests: They shake. As packages drop in, the back-and-forth movement of the table helps them settle into place.  

Installing 9 million shaker tables is no small task, especially when it involves electrical work. At some sites, the tables could be tied into existing electrical gear. At others, DMG technicians had to start from scratch.

The DMG difference

DMG’s nationwide buying centers and expertise mean you can trust us to manage the project from start to finish. You focus on your day-to-day operations, and DMG will coordinate everything else, making sure the project is done quickly, correctly, safely and at a fair price.

Some projects involve hundreds of providers working at hundreds of sites spread across the country. That’s a lot to manage. But with DMG, it’s one call for the customer, and we handle the rest.

Our relationships with our customers are long-term. We’re committed to ensuring each project is done correctly the first time so you’ll continue to trust us the next time you need help.

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The problem: Hand sanitizer was hard to find

You remember the headlines: Empty shelves in supermarkets, outrageous price gouging – no one could get their hands on toilet paper or hand sanitizer. 

But distribution centers needed sanitizer to help keep their employees safe. These were essential workers. Staying home was not an option.