DMG is for the dogs (and cats)

If you went looking for a particular group of DMG employees this past Wednesday, you wouldn’t have found them at their desks. Instead, they were at Cincinnati Animal CARE, walking dogs, playing with cats, cleaning cages and building enrichment toys.  

A group from Divisions Maintenance Group volunteers at the shelter once every quarter. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the community and to play with dogs and cats during the workday. 

“It’s about two hours once a quarter, so it’s not anything crazy,” said Stephanie Doyle, a DMG recruiter who organized the volunteer effort. “We love animals, and we love Cincinnati. This is a chance to do something for both.” 

The volunteer project stems from the Pets of DMG group, a community of about 170 DMG employees who regularly post pics and share stories and advice regarding their pets. It’s a very active group online, so the members, led by Doyle, decided to take that passion and put it to good use in the community.  

The first event, in January, had about 10 volunteers.  

The second, this past week, had closer to 25.  

Next quarter, Doyle is planning to split the event into two days to accommodate everyone who wants to volunteer.  

“It’s really starting to gain some traction,” she said. “We love our dogs and cats at DMG.”