DMG hits 1,000 employee milestone

DMG hits milestone of 1000 employees

Twenty years ago, Divisions Maintenance Group’s employee roster could be counted on two hands — with fingers to spare.

This past month, after years of steady growth and investment, DMG passed the 1,000-employee mark.

“It’s been incredible to watch this company grow from an idea to where we are today,” said DMG Founder and CEO Gary Mitchell. “One thousand employees is a big milestone, but it’s by no means the finish line.”

DMG CEO Gary Mitchell
DMG CEO Gary Mitchell

DMG is still hiring dozens of employees every month for roles in sales, operations, product and engineering and more, said Talent Acquisition Manager Jason Snyder. Some of those employees are stationed at DMG’s home base in Cincinnati while others are remote, spread across the country and internationally.

But it’s not just about growth. Snyder talks with every potential candidate he sees about DMG’s culture and the way the company invests in its employees.

“Being somewhere where you feel like you’re appreciated, you’re being developed every single day and you’re given the best opportunities to succeed? That’s more than just a job,” he said. “That’s a career.”

‘What more could you ask for?’

Asked what they love about working for DMG, and employees regularly cite the flexibility, the career growth and DMG’s culture.

“We’ve cultivated something special,” said Cody Anzevino, an account manager who started with DMG in 2018. “I know that when I come here and I’m having a stressful day, I have team members who always have my back. It’s really tough to find that.”

DMG's employee growth from 2010 to 2023.

Amanda Rogers joined DMG in 2019 as an operations coordinator. After exploring different areas of the company, Rogers found her true passion on the product and engineering side, where today she’s a product manager.

“I’ve met some of my greatest mentors here. I’ve learned some of my greatest lessons,” she said. “I’ve grown so much and learned so much. What more could you ask for?”

Twice a month, DMG holds an onboarding class for new hires, teaching them the ins and outs of the company, the facility maintenance industry and their specific jobs. Joy Van Patten, DMG’s Vice President of Organizational Development and Alignment, tells every new hire during that class that they’ll never work harder than they will at DMG — but they’ll also never have more fun. 

She tells them they’re joining a company that wins, both for its customers and employees. 

And she tells them facility maintenance is a 24/7/365 industry. It takes grit, determination and a “run toward the fire” attitude. 

“We kind of live for those moments,” she said.

Van Patten is one of DMG’s most tenured employees, joining when the total headcount was around 40. Crossing the 1,000 mark is emotional for her because she initially thought DMG would be a three-year blip on her resume. Now, 15 years in, she knows this is it for her. This is where she’ll end her career. And she couldn’t be happier with that decision.  

“I’m so proud of everything this company has accomplished,” she said. “I remember my early conversations with the relatively young but determined leadership team, and they were asking ‘Do we have what it takes?’

“And I said, ‘In spades. You guys have what it takes. And there is no doubt this company is going to be everything you all imagined it to be.’”