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Case Study: Dallas Snow Storms

Record-setting temperatures and heavy snow struck all of Texas in February 2021. For weeks, millions of homes and businesses in the state were left without power, creating an enormous disaster that resulted in more than $195 billion in damage – the most expensive disaster in the history of the state. Texas had never before experienced such low temperatures, hampering abilities to prepare and react to the situation. However, using our advanced forecasting tools, DMG was able to mobilize our vendors to customer locations five days prior to the start of the storms. Below is an in-depth look into how we prepared, reacted and saved the properties of some of the largest companies in the country.

What customers did we serve?

(and many more local and regional customers)

The Problem

The Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas experienced an unprecedented snow emergency that began in mid-February. A combination of record low temperatures and significant snowfall began on the 14th and continued through the 18th, but the region was affected for weeks after the snow stopped falling. For the first time in its long and eventful history, all 254 counties of Texas were affected by the snow. Due to a lack of snow experience, and unprepared infrastructure, Texans were in for a long couple of weeks.  

The Solution

Once DMG got notice of the pending storms, we started coordinated communication with customers and vendors on Friday, Feb. 12. We enacted our catastrophe response protocol that allowed us to mobilize local and out-of-market vendors from surrounding states onto Dallas-Fort Worth customer properties the night before the storms began. By Sunday morning, Feb. 14, DMG had more than 30 pieces of heavy equipment along with more than 30 plow trucks and de-icing materials staged on properties. By the evening of February 14, DMG had all crews routed and staged throughout the DFW market, as well as operators on-site for all heavy equipment to begin servicing as soon the snow and ice storms began. As the sun began to rise the next morning, the lots were clear, and our customers were able to continue business operations the very same day. However, the work was nowhere near finished. DMG vendors continued to service these properties for weeks to ensure our customers were able to continue business throughout the entirety of the storms. 

60+ pieces of equipment

200+ vendors used

600+ properties served

1,500+ miles serviced


The DMG Difference

DMG knew days in advance that the Dallas snowstorms were coming. We take a proactive  approach to aiding our customers with disaster relief rather than waiting to see what happens. We prep our customers with knowledge and resources on dealing with major storms before the storm hits their doorstep.

Ongoing communication is vital to any relationship. DMG was in constant contact with our customers before, during and after the storms. A large percentage of the 600 locations we serviced were not contractually obligated, meaning hundreds to thousands of phone calls were made between us, customers and vendors to ensure these properties were being quickly and correctly serviced.

Although these were the worst snowstorms the DFW area had seen in years, DMG had customers operating as if the storms never even happened. Vendors coming in from as far away as Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin worked quickly and correctly throughout the night to make sure our customers were able to keep their businesses running smoothly throughout the storms.

Images from DMG properties nationwide

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