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Our Corporate team

We are growing quickly at DMG. With more than 700 employees across the globe, our corporate team is the glue that holds the organization together.

Scroll down to read about our various departments and available roles.

Our Corporate Team

We are growing quickly at DMG. With more than 700 employees across the globe, our corporate team is the glue that holds the organization together.

Scroll down to read about the various departments and available roles.

The Marketing Department is the face of DMG. Externally, that means managing social media accounts, advertising and the company website as well as maintaining relationships with media outlets across the country.

Internally, the marketing team creates sales materials, plans and executes events, promotes DMG culture and oversees the company logoshop with branded swag and customer gifts.

The Talent Acquisition Department is responsible for driving growth at DMG. The team searches for qualified candidates, encourages them to apply and guides them through the interview process.

It’s up to Talent Acquisition to communicate to potential DMG employees what the company is all about – boosting referrals and ensuring hiring managers have the top talent they need to accomplish their goals.

The Accounting & Finance Department oversees financial management for the entire company. That includes day-to-day activities such as paying bills and collecting payments. It also includes strategic projects such as building long-term forecasts and delivering financial and operational analysis.

The Training & Learning Department manages ongoing education for the entire company – whether that be leadership training, ethics training or introducing a new product or program. Training & Learning helps guide employees through various career paths and touches every step of an employee’s journey with DMG, from orientation to exit. 

The Human Resources Department is responsible for people-related concerns and needs across the organization. The HR team manages employee benefit and wellness programs, oversees the employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit and helps resolve any employee relations issues.

Hear From Our Employees

Katherine Hummel
Katherine HummelInstructional Designer
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As a DMG intern on the Training and Learning team, I've been able to jump into new projects from Day 1. I've seen all sides of training, from new hire onboarding to team-specific training, to creating professional development resources. I've learned so much in such a short time, and I'm so excited to build on the skills I've gained as I pursue a career in learning and development.
Brittany Yeager
Brittany YeagerHuman Resources Business Partner
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One of my favorite parts about DMG is the growth. I see new hires and promotions practically every day. People are being mentored and developed and are taking on new challenges. Nobody is stuck at DMG.
Ashley Thibodeaux
Ashley ThibodeauxRegional Manager
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The DMG Leadership training program provided me with new and innovative ideas to keep my team motivated and engaged. It also allowed me to be introspective in understanding my leadership style and how, while we each have our own styles, there is always room for improvement. This program is great for employees moving into new roles, as well as both new and established leaders in our organization.
Matthew Dugan
Matthew DuganMarketing Coordinator
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From the very start, DMG has given me the opportunity to develop skillets that I never knew I had. DMG does an amazing job at exposing their interns to relevant projects that not only ensure they are part of the team, but also assist in developing their careers. Working at DMG has been a challenging experience, but an empowering one that I know I will be thankful for as I advance in my career.
Scott Siener
Scott SienerNational Account Vice President
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There are a lot of things I love about my job – the flexibility, the freedom to try new things – but I think my favorite part is this: I’ve never woken up and not wanted to go to work. To me, that’s proof I’ve found my home.