Emily Roth: Part-time to District Manager at DMG


By Emily Roth, DMG District Manager

I was looking for a simple part-time gig when I applied to DMG in 2005.  

I was a new mom at the time and didn’t want anything too complicated. So when a friend told me about a part-time opportunity in DMG’s accounts-receivable department, I jumped at the chance. 

It was a perfect fit. The right job at the right time, and I loved it.  

About a year and a half later, I was ready for something more. My son was older, and I was looking for a larger commitment and a new challenge. Instead of changing companies, though, I applied for a full-time job with DMG.  

Fast forward to today, and I’m 17 years into my career with DMG. Every time I’m ready for a new challenge, DMG has a new challenge for me. 

I worked as an executive assistant for the company president and CEO. I worked with contracts in the finance department before I was promoted to manage the billing-operations team. I never had to leave the company to grow my experience, skills and career. 

In 2022, after several years managing the billing team, I realized I was hungry for another change. My son had moved out for college, and my evenings were no longer filled with homework, basketball practices and games. It was a new season in my life, and I was ready for a new season in my career, too. 

I wasn’t sure what would come next, but when I saw an opening for a District Manager position with DMG, I was intrigued. I met with my manager to talk about the opportunity, and he was incredibly supportive. I talked with other District Managers and went on several ride-alongs to get a feel for the job. I really liked what I saw, so I took the leap and applied. And in June 2022, I officially started my new role.  

As a District Manager, I’m responsible for about 150 properties in three states, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Instead of working in an office, I spend my days going from site to site, meeting with providers and store managers and doing inspections. I make sure the service at each site is up to DMG’s high standards, and I help troubleshoot any problems our customers may have.  

It’s only been 9 months, but I already love my new job. I love getting out and exploring my district. I love planning my routes (my goal is to be able to do this soon without GPS). I love how each day is different. But most of all, I love building relationships with our customers and providers and doing whatever I can to make their lives easier. If I can solve a problem for them, that’s a great day for me.  

Once again, it’s a perfect fit. The right job. At exactly the right time.