DMG earns ‘Vendor of the Year’ award from Walgreens

DMG warns Vendor of the Year from Walgreens

DMG earns ‘Vendor of the Year’ award 

For the second year in a row, Divisions Maintenance Group was named a ‘Vendor of the Year’ by Walgreens.  

The award recognizes DMG’s work as a facility maintenance partner for Walgreens. DMG was one of just three vendors — out of 500 total — to earn the title. 

“It’s incredible to get an award that highlights the fact our customer sees they are being put first,” said Clay Kesterson, who leads the Walgreens team for DMG. “When they are willing to lift you up and put you in the spotlight like that, you know you’re doing something right.” 

DMG's Walgreens team celebrating their 'Vendor of the Year'
DMG's Walgreens team celebrating their 'Vendor of the Year'

The “Vendor of the Year” award comes after DMG also earned two quarterly store care awards from Walgreens this year. The awards highlight DMG’s commitment to investing in long-term relationships with customers, Kesterson said. 

“Customer first, right?” he said. “It’s a core value of DMG, and it’s one that’s evident every day.”