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Why relationships matter in the FM game

Divisions Maintenance Group started in 1999 with one customer – a single Walmart store in Campbell County, Kentucky. 

Today, DMG has hundreds of customers with tens of thousands of sites across the country. Revenue is skyrocketing, approaching half a billion dollars, and the company employs more than 600 people – not including the thousands of providers who partner with DMG. 

Still, despite all that growth, there is one thing that hasn’t changed since 1999: DMG’s commitment to that very first customer.  

Churn and burn is common in facility maintenance. The industry sees a lot of vendors who offer low pricing but then are unable to perform the work. It’s a huge administrative burden, and it can lead to costly decisions when facility managers are forced to make changes mid-season. 


DMG takes that worry off the manager’s plate, handling any problems that arise in the facility realm and thus freeing the manager to focus on his or her stores.  

“With DMG, we really invest in the relationship,” said Christopher Brunemann, DMG’s VP of future cornerstone accounts. “We establish a good, lasting relationship, one where you trust each other.” 

Back to 'The Basics'

DMG’s identity revolves around nine core values called “The Basics.” And most of those Basics revolve around the customer: 

Customer first.  

Your customer’s perception = your reality. 

Pick up the phone and respond with speed and urgency. 

DMG’s whole approach is centered around the relationship with the customer, said Greg Menetrey, DMG’s VP of national accounts. Those relationships are important because the longer DMG works with a customer, the better DMG understands the customer’s wants and needs and can offer proactive, cost-saving solutions. 

In short, the longer DMG works with a customer, the more money DMG can save that customer.  

“We become their go-to company,” Menetrey said. “We get embedded with them. We become that extension of their team.” 

DMG regularly collects customer feedback, and over and over again, customers praise DMG for its focus on relationships. Customers like having one point of contact as opposed to a call center. And they like that their contact is available 24/7/365.  

“Our culture is, we’re going to do whatever it takes to give this customer peace of mind,” Menetrey said. “The majority of the time, we beat our competitors just through communication. It’s built on trust.” 

'We genuinely listen’

DMG’s approach is three-pronged: There’s the national account team dedicated to each customer; local field members in each region; and proprietary technology. In fact, DMG is making a huge investment in its technology, recently hiring dozens of new engineers and data analysts to build out the system.  

For each customer, DMG takes a customized approach, creating a specific, dedicated team. The team for Customer X will look and function differently than the team for Customer Y because they have different needs and priorities. 

“What are the challenges they’re dealing with?” Brunemann said. “We customize our solutions for each one of our customers given the unique challenges they’re facing on a day-to-day basis. We genuinely listen to our customers.” 

When it comes down to it, the keys to DMG’s success are simple, Brunemann said. Listen, and respond.  

“In this industry, there are always going to be problems. There are always going to be emergencies,” he said. “But DMG always answers the phone, and we’re always there for the customer.”