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Technician Spotlight: Alex Acosta


Who is Alex?

  • Alex Acosta is the proud owner of Art Landscaping in Miami, Florida. After finishing his baseball career, Alex looked to his father-in-law, who was also a landscaper, for inspiration on what to do next. Since that moment, Alex and his company have not looked back. 

What is Art Landscaping?

  • Art Landscaping is a full-scope landscaping maintenance company in the Miami, Palm Beach and Broward County areas of south Florida, offering dependable trimming, turf maintenance, storm cleanup and many other landscaping services. Consistently pushing to be the best in their region, Art sets the bar high for its own employees as well as competitors.  

How long has Alex been with DMG?

  • Alex and his company first started doing landscaping work with DMG back in 2011. “When we first started working with you guys, my company had 15-20 employees,” Alex said. “In 2015, we got to the point where we had 100-plus employees.”
  • Alex had always dreamed about working at big commercial sites to show off the quality work his company offers. DMG gave him, and Art Landscaping, the opportunity to do just that while simultaneously growing the business.

How does Alex describe DMG?

  • “You guys put the food on the table; I just have to show up and eat it.” DMG allows Alex to focus his efforts solely on providing quality service to customers rather than constantly having to hunt for new jobs.  

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