DMG is a tech-based provider of integrated facilities maintenance services. We provide technicians with the tools and resources to make the interior and exterior of every property better. Joining the DMG Technician Network means you gain access to work with over 100 of America’s most essential commercial brands through one single work order management platform.

Technicians can apply and pick up an unlimited number of jobs, so long as they abide by Customer and DMG’s standards and deliver quality work to our Customers.


Submit an

Using our service provider application.


Our Technician Relations team will review your application to ensure you meet our requirements.


We’ll discuss expectations so you are setup for success. Welcome to the Team!


DMG’s easy to use app provides Technicians with the opportunity to work with over 100 banners without having to manage each individual work order platform or the cost associated with them. Technicians achieve increased utilization through our tech, resulting in more time turning the wrench, more billable hours, and no administrative activities. DMG manages the service requirements, invoicing, and more. Technicians save on marketing and sales because DMG provides the platform for you to grow your portfolio of business.

DMG’s GPS-technology allows Technicians to be easily routed meaning less windshield time and more work getting done. Our mobile app was developed to help eliminate confusion for Technicians while on-site and help DMG fulfill all customer requirements related to Work Verification and billing.

DMG Technology

Technicians can schedule jobs from anywhere on the mobile-friendly platform, also known as the Job Board. The tool offers access to jobs in a Technician’s geographic area and within his/her designated service type while also providing work flexibility to the Technician so that they can work in real-time within DMG’s platform. The Job Board offers numerous benefits for our Technician Network as the platform serves as an entry point for Technicians to work with over 100+ reputable commercial businesses. DMG’s extensive customer portfolio allows a closer concentration of work, meaning increased job volume, higher utilization, and less windshield time for the Technician.

All Technicians have DMG Field Personnel assigned in their geographic area serving as an extension to their team. DMG’s Boots on the Ground are a value-add and a key differentiator. The Field representatives are spread throughout the country, act as quality control to vet Technicians, inspect the quality, and remain a direct contact to the local facility or property manager. DMG Field Personnel train Technicians onsite and offer coaching on the latest trends and technology demands.


Dense Customer Footprint

Access to a constantly growing Marketplace of over 100 Customers.

Job Routing & Prioritization

Reduced drive time allowing greater utilization based on the skills and capabilities of the individual technician.

One Work Order Platform

One easy to use mobile app that allows us to integrate with a wide variety of Customer work order platforms.

No Administrative Activities

DMG simplifies back-office handling, including billing, invoicing, and more.

Quality Control Savings

DMG work verification creates trust between the Customer and Technician. Field personnel assigned in your geographic area to serve as an extension of your team.

Streamlined Customer Communication

DMG serves as the bridge between technicians and Customers.



  • W-9

  • I-9

  • Trade specific licensing (see here)

  • $1,000,000 Insurance Liability

  • Workers Compensation Form