Parking lot maintenance

The parking lot is the first space a customer sees when visiting a business, so regular maintenance is essential to create a positive first impression. Preventative maintenance is also crucial in preventing larger, more expensive parking lot problems down the line. DMG offers lot striping, sealing and patching to keep your parking lot in great shape.  

Our team ensures your lots are swept consistently on a specified schedule and according to property specifications. Sweeping removes dirt, gravel and litter from all paved and concrete drive and parking spaces. Visible litter from shrubs and landscaped areas is also removed. Our Field Team regularly performs walk throughs of properties to check for quality service. 

When asphalt begins to crack, water and moisture penetrate your pavement and, eventually, the sub-grade. Seasonal temperature changes add to cracks when joints are expanding and contracting. It is best to perform crack sealing as soon as possible, but it is recommended to seal lots at least annually as a proactive measure.  

Like cracks, potholes are exacerbated by annual temperature changes, especially during the winter months. DMG patching repairs serve as a cost-effective way to eliminate further damage, liability and deterioration to your lots.  

Over time, striping naturally begins to wear. DMG ensures a well-maintained parking lot with clear markings to help customers navigate parking and decrease the likelihood of accidents. This not only presents a more polished, clean look, but it reduces liability for any potential accidents.   

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