exterior repair

The exterior of your facility requires constant attention to ensure it is clean and damage-free. DMG’s technician network contains a wide variety of skilled tradesmen capable of handling any preventative, repair or replacement services for your building. Below are a few of our most popular exterior repair services.

We serve our customers with extensive roofing services that result in long-lasting, quality roofs. Our roofing services consist of:

  1. Roof installation 
  2. Roof repair 
  3. Roof cleaning 
  4. Gutter cleaning 

DMG installs and repairs commercial overhead doors at your facility. We ensure this process is done by professional technicians with the highest expertise.

Loading docks are essential to getting products in and out of your building, but they require regular maintenance and care to ensure your employees are safe. Our technicians have the knowledge and resources to maintain your docks.

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