As Divisions grows, so can you! Joining the DMG Provider Networks means there is no shortage of opportunity for high quality partners.

Why Join the DMG Network?

National retailers have a diverse and often changing set of requirements that can be difficult for technicians to navigate while on site. DMG’s foolproof system for managing all Customer requirements has earned us our reputation as the most reliable national maintenance management company. Our approach is to remove barriers so that the completion of each job is easier for you.

Our dedicated Provider Network drives the DMG day-to-day operations. As our business grows, we want our partners to grow. That is why DMG has developed a robust and long-term growth strategy for DMG Providers. As Providers continue to deliver powerful solutions for DMG Customers, we want to show our appreciation by offering benefits a Provider will only receive when joining the ranks of the DMG Network.

Our field team spread, throughout the country, acts as quality control to vet Providers, and to be the boots on the ground to help support the local facility contact.

Our Customers, Providers, and DMG team all communicate into one integrated facility management platform. This real-time technology enables speedy and quality service allowing us to shore up costs to our customers.

62 of the nation’s largest retailers are part of the DMG network allowing Providers work scalability, routine contracted work, and non-routine work.


Jobs, educational opportunities, and business advancement are abundant within the DMG network.

Opportunity for Providers to advertise their quality of work and expertise to a scale of nationwide retail giants

DMG has built a strong and robust partnership with vetted service providers throughout the country. Our team is available 24/7/365 and will always go the extra mile to exceed expectations for our customers by enforcing strong communication with our Providers.

Providers are eligible to receive funds faster than standard contract terms to accommodate Providers who need payment in advance.

Working through DMG is the Provider’s main entry point to gain business with nationwide retail giants.

Featured Provider Testimonials

Divisions seems to have a genuine care for us as Providers as well as their clients. No task has ever been too tall for Divisions to at the very least address with the necessary parties.
Richard Basile
Owner Comet Property Services
I am truly grateful to be working alongside Divisions. You have helped me grow my business into something I can be proud of.

Ty Ecklund
Owner Ecotech Window Cleaning
Having a direct relationship with a local manager is great! Divisions is more transparent than other national service providers.

Ed Clavel
Green Earth Landscape

Provider Resources

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