Who is Divisions Maintenance Group?

DMG is revolutionizing the Facilities Maintenance Industry. Our customers are nationwide retail giants who rely on DMG’s integrated services to provide peace of mind in quality and service inside and outside of their facilities.

DMG was founded in 1999 when there was a significant opportunity within the Facilities Maintenance industry to improve the way services were managed and delivered to national retailers. Twenty years later, our list of National Customers is growing at a rapid pace with more than 100 retail chains, distribution and fulfillment centers, REITs, and medical facilities served. 

Recognizing the value-added for our customers through the technological developments and unique team structure, we continue to rapidly expand our reach to other commercial property owners who acknowledge the benefit of greater visibility to their properties through DMG streamlined solutions. 

In 2020 and beyond, there is no service or client type that DMG excludes from its portfolio. Our unparalleled business model permits all interior and exterior services to be seamlessly executed. At DMG, we work AS ONE. We work AS ONE for our Customers, Technicians, and for each other. We produce Uninterrupted Peace of Mind through sustainable partnerships and inspired team members. 

DMG Proprietary Technology


The DMG Formula

DMG is a managed marketplace. Our Customers, Technicians, and DMG Team all communicate into one integrated facility management platform. This real-time technology enables speedy and quality service, allowing us to shore up costs to our customers.

DMG has built a reliable and robust partnership with vetted service technicians throughout the country. They are your local trades technicians, that you know and love. DMG focuses on the front end and back end of the business so that the tradesperson can concentrate on getting to our customers faster.

Each customer is assigned an account team. These are the difference makers who live to give our customers peace of mind. They work in tandem with our technology to handle all the logistics, troubleshooting, and roadblocks to get the job done. 

Our field team is spread out throughout the country act as quality control to vet Technicians, inspect the quality, and remain the boots on the ground to help support the local facility contact.

Our team is available 24/7/365 and will always go the extra mile to exceed expectations for our customers.

Using DMG proprietary platforms, we can bundle jobs not only within one Customer’s Work Orders but by combining with other Customers’ as well.

DMG’s integrated systems and processes make it possible for us to manage any facility service successfully through to completion.

DMG Facility Management

DMG Proudly Upholds The Basics 2.0

  • Customer first.

  • You own your results.

  • Your customer's perception = your reality.

  • Deliver value, not status updates. Be disruptive.

  • If you are not the solution, you are the problem.

  • Pick up the phone and respond with speed and urgency.

  • Profit is expendable. Reputation is not. Act accordingly.

  • Good or bad, tell on yourself while the information is within your control.

  • Your most uncomfortable conversation should be your next conversation.

Meet Our Team

Gary Mitchell

President & CEO

Kyle Murray

Chief Strategy Officer

Srinivas Denduluri

Chief Financial Officer

Kumar Srinivasan

Chief Product Officer

Sondra Pflum

SVP - National Accounts

Bill Volz

SVP - Field operations

Gianluca Pucacco

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Menetrey

VP - National Accounts

Performing every FM job from A-Z.

DMG's Network of service professionals executes hundreds of different trades – some of our Customer's most in-demand services below.

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