Natural Disaster Management and Relief

Often unpredictable and very dangerous, it is important to prepare for natural disasters before aid is needed.

Allow DMG to create a plan of action to protect your business before an event happens. DMG offers a variety of services for the following natural disasters

In tornado recovery, DMG focuses on quickly boarding windows and doors of buildings and removing and properly disposing of debris.

Wildfires leave thousands without power for days at a time every year. DMG provides our Customers with generator hookups within 2 hours so they can quickly return to business and serve their community.

DMG closely monitors weather patterns and sources generators prior to hurricanes. Crews are organized to respond with necessary equipment promptly after storms are over.

DMG Providers respond quickly to fix electrical, structural, plumbing, and other damages. Debris is removed and disposed of properly.

Downed trees and debris are removed after floods. After these steps are completed, DMG deals with any mold issues that may have occurred, ensuring safety for our Customers and their employees.