Questions? We have answers.

Please contact Technician Support at providersupport@divisionsinc.com to have the employee added as a contact to your account. They can then send a Portal invite directly to that employee.

When a job is ready to be scheduled an email will be sent to the primary user’s email explaining the location and scope of the job. Click on the link provided and it will direct you to the job on the portal.
If you are using the app for scheduling, you will also receive a pop up notification (in addition to an email) when a job is posted to the Job Board.

All portal users from your company. All Technicians whose service type match the available jobs service and are headquartered within 60 miles will receive an email notification when a proposal or service case is posted to the Job Board.

Please contact your Corporate Divisions Representative if you cannot make it to the site within 48 hours.

You can now update your trade services through your Technician Portal. Please go to your Account Settings in the Main Menu. Click on Service Capabilities. Here you can add or remove services. You can also edit your service radius at the bottom. The system will default your radius to 60 miles. But if you service a smaller or greater service area, you can change it to up to 120 miles. Then click on Save Service Capabilities to complete.

If you do not see your service request or contract in upcoming services, please contact Technician Support (providersupport@divisionsinc.com).

For any service call invoices (sometimes called non-routine) you will find an “attach file” button at the bottom of the invoice detail page. You cannot attached photos as PDFs to the invoice. It must be saved under a different kind of file.

On each page of the “Invoices” section, located at the top right of each data table, you will find a blue hyperlink for “Print | Excel”. Clicking on the Excel option will export the data to an .xls file, which your accounting software may be able to use to import the information to your own records.

No, if the invoices are not entered with the full breakdown of time and materials when required, even if the breakdown is attached, it will be marked “Revision Requested” and returned to the “invoices to submit” tab for you to revise.

They are available to submit on the 25th of each month.

Go to www.mydivisions.com and use the email and password you set up during the online application process.

You can upload your documents by going to Account Settings and clicking on Insurance Information, or you can email your updated documents to ProviderSupport@divisionsinc.com.

Each available service case will be sent to all trade specific Technicians within a 60 mile radius. If there is no job listing when you enter the Job Board, it means that another Technician has accepted that job.

The rates you see on the Job Board do not necessarily reflect your company rates. The rates you see are based on a number of factors that come together to determine different rates, from district rate history to customer rate requirements. When you accept the job on the Job Board, you are accepting the job with the rates as is. You may also pass on work if the rate is undesirable to you. If you would like to speak to someone on that customer team about rate trends in your area and what you can expect in the future, please contact your local Divisions Representative or your Divisions Contact listed on your PO letter.

If you cannot accept the available service case or submit a proposal for any reason, just ignore the available job and it will disappear from the Job Board once accepted by another Technician.

There are a few different options.

  • Provide us with additional physical addresses that we can add to your account so you can receive available job notifications for those areas.
  • Go to your Account Settings in the Main Menu and click on Service Capabilities. At the bottom of the page you can change your service radius from 60 miles to anything below 60 miles or up to 120 miles.
  • We can make you statewide Technician. This can sometimes be a disadvantage. So please consider the top two choices.

If you miss an ETA, that PO will be cancelled and reposted to the Job Board for a new Technician. You will not be able to service that PO. You will be notified one hour before the ETA is expired if you have not already checked into the job. And If the PO is cancelled, we will email your company to let you know. Please do not service that job if the PO was cancelled.

If a site worksheet, completion form, and/or photos are required, our finance team will mark your invoice as “Revision Requested”. You will receive an email notification and your invoice will be pushed back into the “Invoices to Submit” tab so you can resubmit with the proper documents attached.

First, Please make sure the work is complete and you property completed GPS check in/out properly. Double check your PO from Divisions to verify the information and PO number. We cannot process more than one invoice for a PO, so if you have already submitted an invoice, then you will not be able to submit another one against that same PO. Please wait until the job is completed to invoice us against that PO.

If you are one of multiple Technicians on a job, the invoice will not be available for you to submit until the job is completed in its entirety. If you are experiencing issues or need assistance, please contact Technician Support.

Please contact Technician Support immediately. If the invoice has NOT been “Approved,” we will send it back to “invoices to submit” for revision. If the invoice HAS been “Approved”, you will be instructed to contact your local Divisions Representative.

Payment terms begin when a fully correct invoice is submitted on the Portal. Typically this will be the day you hit the “submit” button for your invoice. However, if your invoice is marked for revision and made available to you for correction, your re-submittal date becomes the invoice date and subsequently, the start of your payment terms. The invoice date of contract invoices is the date of submission or the last day of the month the services were performed in, whichever is sooner.

Our payment terms are 45 days. We do a weekly check run for any invoices due within that next week. Payment is issued on Mondays or the first business day of the week. If you are set up on direct deposit, you should receive the money in your account within 1 – 3 business days. If you receive paper checks, the checks will be mailed on Tuesday. If you want payment sooner than your payment terms, you can elect to take Early Payment with a discount.