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Case study: DMG provides equipment installation services for a wide range of equipment types.

DMG provides equipment installation services for a wide range of equipment types, including manufacturing tooling, conveyors, and industrial machines.  

The problem

Equipment installations are larger-scale projects that cost upwards of $15,000 or more. Projects like these can be hard for commercial customers to get in front of as they usually occur on an emergency basis. Installations of heavy equipment require subject matter experts who can arrive on-site at a moment’s notice to provide a fixed solution. 

The DMG solution

DMG executes equipment installations promptly while maintaining our brand promise: Uninterrupted Peace of Mind. Customers rely on DMG because we are on-site within 2-3 days. We are the project managers from start to finish and leverage our nationwide technician network to get the job done on time and with accuracy. 

In addition to our nationwide technician network, DMG prides itself on maintaining a strong manufacturer relationship. We manage the relationship with the manufacturing companies who often call DMG for assistance in coordinating the logistics of installing the equipment. Because there are many moving deliverables when coordinating and installing equipment, DMG manages the job and remains the customer’s one point of contact. From partnering with the manufacturer, technicians, store managers, store staff, and coordinating waste management, the customer can rely on DMG to get the job done.  

Customer result

For the customer to deal with a large project such as equipment installations at the last minute, it would have been overwhelming. But with DMG, it was one call for the customer, and we handled the rest. 

The DMG difference

  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Relationships


DMG’s nationwide technician network and expertise mean you can trust us to manage the project from start to finish. We are the project managers providing Uninterrupted Peace of Mind to you. 


We manage projects that involve hundreds of providers working at hundreds of sites across the country. It’s one call for the customer, and DMG handles the rest. 


Our relationships with our customers and manufacturers are integral. We’re committed to ensuring each project is done quickly, correctly, safely, and at a fair price. 

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The problem: Hand sanitizer was hard to find

You remember the headlines: Empty shelves in supermarkets, outrageous price gouging – no one could get their hands on toilet paper or hand sanitizer. 

But distribution centers needed sanitizer to help keep their employees safe. These were essential workers. Staying home was not an option.