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The Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 continues to dominate public discourse, making proper facility hygiene services more critical than ever. The new standard of American retailing and business operations continue to encounter fundamental operational changes in a way the industry has never seen before. That is why DMG is stepping in to provide support and sanitary control to businesses on the front-line of this pandemic. Businesses have ramped up cleaning efforts to mitigate the spread of the contagious virus. DMG Service Technicians can provide an additional layer of protection and disinfection to establish virus and other illness mitigation efforts during these unprecedented times and moving forward.

DMG Service Technicians combine their trades expertise with using state-of-the-art equipment, products, and methodology, instilling best practices for infection prevention and control within businesses’ facilities. DMG’s scope of work includes sanitization and other virus mitigation services in addition to the standard facility maintenance needs of a Customer’s property. DMG’s Technician Network instills the preventative measures facility managers can take to protect building occupants and store patrons from catching and spreading the virus.

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Crowd Control

Divisions understands the importance of controlling crowds in retailer’s store locations. DMG can manage the number of shoppers entering the store, ensuring the retail Customer peace of mind. DMG offers services in crowd control, including monitoring the number of people entering the store, organizing lines, and ensuring that shoppers are practicing safe social distancing precautions.

Electrostatic Spray

To accommodate the high demand need of sanitization services due to COVID-19, DMG Service Providers can use an electrostatic Spray Gun to apply an EPA approved viral pathogen product for disinfecting high traffic non-porous surfaces in the store like countertops, registers, among other surfaces and hard to reach areas.

Floor Cleaning

Routine services are also crucial to maintain a store’s cleanliness. To manage the high traffic areas that require regular cleaning, DMG offers daily floor cleaning services. Specialized floor services are also available, including concrete work and remediation and floor stripping.

Full Bathroom Cleaning

Restrooms are, without a doubt, the biggest concern when it comes to building maintenance and cleanliness. Bacteria and viruses can thrive in uncleanly bathrooms, causing the spread of the germs throughout the building and harming its occupants. DMG’s Nationwide Provider Network will sanitize and disinfect every surface so that store employees and customers are safe.

Hand Washing

DMG understands the importance of safety precautions against COVID-19, with hand washing being a simple and effective measure. It’s important to be aware of the surfaces we come into contact with now more than ever. DMG now offers touch-free sink installations to keep retailer’s customers and employees safe.

Handyman Services

Prestige and routine property services can keep facilities in its purest condition. Allow DMG Handyman Services to identify and disinfect the high-risk areas for more in-depth cleaning that may harbor dirt and bacteria. Understanding product usage and finding the right solution to tackle the high-touch surfaces and objects for germs are critical to clean.

Janitorial Services

DMG offers a wide range of janitorial services and can work with store managers to determine the best option. An ongoing routine of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are crucial procedures to maintain your facility. Depending on the traffic and size of the facility, DMG can evaluate the needs of what each property will require. From keeping the floors cleaned, to dusting and removing garbage, to daily cleaning and sanitizing all surface areas, all cleaning tasks can be left to the DMG Service Provider.

Lot Sweeping

DMG provides the labor and equipment to sweep lots as required by the property specifications. The repercussions of COVID-19 have caused retailer’s parking lots to become polluted with disposable plastic gloves among other litter. Lot sweeping removes dirt, gravel, and litter from all paved and concrete drive and parking spaces within a property boundary. Visible litter from shrubs and landscaped areas is also removed.

Power Washing Restrooms

Restrooms are the areas that will need more attention to require specialized equipment to maintain cleanliness. To get a commercial restroom its cleanest, have it power washed by a DMG professional Provider. Facility bathrooms are suggested to be power washed at least annually, more frequently in high-traffic environments.

Security & Infrastructure

For retailers that administer pop-up COVID-19 drive-through test centers or administer pick-up or curb-side services for their store location, DMG can assist with the infrastructure installation, including parking lot lighting, tenting, and security services. For prevention against looting and other security concerns, Divisions can help provide security reinforcements.

Shopping Cart Sanitization

Shopping cart sanitization is vital for the health of customers entering any grocery store. With a focus on cleanliness and continual enhancement for a facility’s sanitation needs, DMG introduces the Shopping Cart Pulley Sanitation System. In addition, DMG will manage shopping carts, retrieving them from cart return areas, and sanitizing the carts before use by the next customer, allowing your employees to focus their efforts on cleaning the interior of the store.

Sneeze Guard

Preventative services can make a substantial impact in mitigating sickness and seasonal illnesses. Shielding equipment is another facet in DMG’s scope of work that promotes safety within the employee’s workspace. Retailers can protect front-line Employees and Customers while operating Customer transactions at full capacity. Sneeze guards help reduce the chances of spreading airborne pathogens while remaining non-invasive, self-standing, portable, and easy to install.

Steam Washing Germ Prone

Germs and diseases can spread through direct contact on contaminated surfaces within a Customer’s facility or store. That is why it is essential to implement additional precautionary steps to sanitize and steam wash items such as shopping carts, fridges, restrooms, door handles, and vestibules. Consider this method the next level of cleanliness compared to the typical disinfectant.

Temperature Stations

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is important for businesses to implement regular employee health checks, including a body temperature and respiratory symptom check, prior to entering the workplace. This precaution is critical for the protection of employees’ and Customers’ safety. DMG has been working with Customers to build temperature check stations. These stations uphold social distancing practices and provide safety for those monitoring temperatures as well as employees being checked.

Temporary Fencing

If Building Managers want to barricade specific areas of their facilities, temporary fencing can be installed. This can assist with creating pedestrian barricades to help control crowds from entering an area that is being cleaned. This service keeps employees and customers top of mind if businesses need to restrict highly trafficked areas temporarily. Temporary fencing includes quick delivery, set-up, and removal by the DMG Provider Network.

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